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Welcome to Allstar Coaches, the leading provider of luxury RV rentals in the United States.  We offer the nation’s largest selection of privately owned, Class A motorhome rentals which are available from our regional RV rental and service centers in Florida, Pennsylvania, California, New York and New Jersey as well as from our many conveniently located satellite pickup and drop outlets across the USA.

Local and one way RV rentals are also now available from our newest locations serving Nevada, Arizona, Delaware and Maryland. Whether you are looking to stay on the infield at a NASCAR race, exploring the California Wine Country or taking the family on a trip to Disney's Fort Wilderness in Florida, RV rentals are an ideal way to get out on the road and take in America.

RV rentals are ideal for individuals, families and even businesses looking to make an impact.  RVing is a unique and exciting way to travel because it incorporates transportation and accommodations along with dining and entertainment into one, very fun package. Traveling by RV can also be economical for families since there is no need for airline tickets, hotels or to dine out. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a month long cross country journey you're looking for; whether you are a first timer or an experienced RV enthusiast, we have the perfect motorhome rental to accommodate your taste and budget.


There are almost as many reasons to rent a motorhome as there are places to go! Due to their extreme versatility, RV rentals have never been more popular. Whether for personal or business use, recreational vehicles are designed to be completely self sufficient and totally self contained, which makes them ideal when traveling to even the most remote of destinations.

Our motorhomes are truly five star mobile suites which can go pretty much anywhere you can.  Vehicles generate their own electricity and can carry enough water, fuel and propane to support a family of six for almost five days without refilling or refueling. Try that in a tent.

There are so many reasons to rent an RV we couldn't possibly list them all. They range from attending family reunions in style to making college road trips with all the comforts of home to corporate hospitality and promotions.  If you are ultimately looking to purchase a motorhome, renting an RV is also a great way to see if the RV lifestyle is for you and  “try before you buy.” To read the top 10 reasons for renting an RV, Click here


When looking to rent an RV, there are several key factors you will need to consider. Recreational vehicles come in various shapes and sizes, and the type of vehicle you rent is the first important decision you'll need to make when planning your trip. Class A and Class C units are the among most popular for RV rentals.  Class A motorhomes are of the highest quality and are far superior to their lower end counterparts when it comes to comfort, safety and reliability. Click here to learn more about the differences between Class A and Class C units and compare RV rental vehicle types.

Our collection of late model, diesel RV rentals are second to none. Guests enjoy a rental fleet which is 100% NON SMOKING, professionally sanitized and maintained to the absolute highest standard.

Comfortable, well appointed cabins, full gourmet galleys, and state of the art, user friendly technology are just some of the many amenities included with our vehicles. Units also come equipped with multiple slide outs and automatic awnings which nearly double the usable space when extended.  In motion tracking or automatic satellite with DirecTV as well as wireless internet service is available on most units.

Free allotted mileage and unlimited generator usage is always included, and our exclusive Hotel On Wheels™ concept means your luxurious RV rental comes prestocked with all you'll need to get out on the road in total comfort. Luxury hotel bedding, fresh towels and invigorating ECO Spa bath products are just a few of the amenities included in our complementary hospitality and convenience kits. Click here for a full list of items and amenities which come prestocked in all motorhome rentals.


Actually there are so many that set us apart, it's like comparing apples and eggplants.

Mapping out an itinerary and selecting the right type of RV is fundamental in planning a successful trip, however the single most important factor in renting a motorhome is who and where to rent it from.  Choosing a quality RV rental company is crucial, and can ultimately mean the difference between an awe-inspiring, fulfilling road trip or getting stranded out in the middle of nowhere, singing the side-of-the-road blues. 

Click here to learn more about what to look for, and more importantly, what to LOOK OUT for when renting an RV.

Still think all RV rental companies are created equally? Not even close. There are dealers out there who carry every type of recreational vehicle under the sun, yet specialize in none of them, and then there are those who just rent the lower end, ill maintained base model fleets which feature their ads plastered down the sides.

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At Allstar Coaches we carry only the finest luxury Class A diesel motorhome rentals. No pop ups, no campervans, travel trailers or those infamous C class campers you see "cruising" around America. From the very beginning, our approach to the business has been to focus exclusively on renting high end motorhomes, providing unparalleled service to ultimately become the very best at it.

Yes, the motorhomes we rent are the best in the entire industry, and we take pride in knowing that nobody else even comes close.  However, providing a great RV is just the beginning.  It's about the whole package.   Attention to detail, listening to and helping our customers plan their trips; and not overlooking the little things are what really matter and what sets us far above the rest. Every business is defined by its customers, and we are proud of the fact that nearly 65% of our clientele are either repeat customers or defectors who have had less than stellar experiences with other RV rental companies.  Click here to read our client testimonials and reviews.

At Allstar Coaches, the only thing that is allowed to surpass the quality of our motorhomes, is our relentless dedication to exceeding expectations and bringing our clients the very best RV rental experience possible.

Click here to view the RV rentals we have available in our various locations.  For your peace of mind and so you know what you see is what you get, the photos on our website are ACTUAL PHOTOS of the ACTUAL MOTORHOMES that we offer for rent. No surprises.

For general information and questions, RV rental pricing or for assistance planning your trip please Contact us. We are happy to help and look forward to being of service.


In the United States there are literally thousands of RV resorts, campgrounds and destinations to choose from. Whether traveling cross country via historic Route 66, taking in the endless ocean vistas along California's Pacific Coast Highway or island hopping through the Florida Keys, there is something out there for everyone. Click here for more information on popular RV drives and destinations.

ASC Luxury RV Rentals Brochure


Your vacation starts the moment you reserve your luxury RV. Once you’ve secured your motorhome rental, it’s time to start thinking about and planning your trip. Where do you want to go? America boasts some of the most beautiful RV campgrounds, resorts and national parks in the world. In fact there are so many to choose from that planning your itinerary can be somewhat overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you plan an amazing RV adventure. Click here for more information and some insider tips and tricks we've collected over the years.

In addition, Allstar offers a variety of special services designed to make planning your RV rental adventure easier. Click here to learn how our Special Services team can assist with everything from planning a full itinerary to highlighting available side trips and attractions along the way. Our professional staff will be happy to help with reservations in luxurious RV parks, procuring supplies or finding a restaurant that suits your tastes and more. Contact us for assistance with your rental reservation and help planning your RV adventure.


Allstar's exclusive Black Label Concierge divisions have a mission, to meet your every need and exceed your every expectation. Our team is equipped to make your motorhome vacation as luxurious and memorable as possible. We can arrange for a professional driver to operate your motorhome rental, a personal concierge or a full staff including a private chef to travel with you and more. Our Black Label team can also arrange private yacht and jet charters, set up one of our signature “Surf and Turf” yachting and motorcoach tours, stage the ultimate proposal or just  whisk you away via helicopter to a five star restaurant for a sunset dinner. From provisioning to hot air ballooning to anything and everything else you can dream, with Allstar's Black Label Concierge extravagance comes easily and the possibilities are truly endless. Your dedicated Black Label Concierge will help to make all your visions come true. Click here to initiate our Black Label VIP signature service and start your custom tailored, no limits motorhome excursion.

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