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It began with the thirst for an adventure and a love for the great outdoors. Back in 2003, I was watching a documentary about Yellowstone National Park and was overwhelmed at how beautiful it was. I had never been there, but I really wanted to go. So, I went out, bought some camping gear, packed up the family, and off we went. How did it go? Not well. Sure, the scenery was amazing, and it was nice to be in nature but that was hard to appreciate with a cramped back from sleeping on the ground. I quickly realized that my family had become accustomed to the finer things in life. Nobody was happy, and it wasn’t the grand family vacation I had imagined. We ended up leaving after the second night in search of a five-star resort. I am a determined guy and I want what I want, I was not defeated yet.

The following year it hit me, an RV Rental, that was the answer. So, I booked an RV and off we went again. What we found upon arrival at the rental yard was not what I was expecting. The attendant grudgingly walked us out to the RV, what I saw was a giant billboard boasting the RV rental company’s logo plastered on the side. Inside was cramped and a bit dinghy, but this was an adventure and I was determined to make it work so off we went again. Two hours into our trip a horrible sound came from the engine and we broke down. We were stuck on the side of the road for 9 hours waiting for the company to bring us a replacement. When they got there, the replacement RV was in even worse shape. My reputation as Dad, the vacation king was in peril. Once again, we abandoned our trip and flew to Disney World. Waiting in line at the Magic Kingdom, our kids became friendly with another family.  After a few rides together, they invited us to their campsite at Fort Wilderness for a cookout. What I saw upon arrival literally changed our lives. A beautiful 45-foot-long class A motorhome. It had marble countertops, slides that opened to create an amazing space and closed again for transport. It boasted a full kitchen, satellite TV and much more. This was what I had been searching for and the 5-Star Hotel on Wheels Concept was born.

Today, Allstar Coaches offers the finest fleet of luxury RV rentals in the world.

Class A Luxury Motorhome for rent

We only rent Class A Luxury Motorhomes, no travel trailers, no class c coaches. We decided early on to concentrate on only one class of RV and to do it right.

We take pride in our exceptional level of customer service. We have thousands of satisfied customers who have enjoyed RV Rental Adventures with us, many who book with us every year. Our top-notch experts will walk you through every step of the vacation planning process. Additionally, we offer everything from trip planning to Black Label Concierge Services that include a driver, personal chef and staff to travel with you. We work with families, corporate planners and movie studios. Whether you want to check out our amazing National Parks, camp on the infield during the Daytona 500 or take that coast to coast trip you have always dreamed of, you can count on Allstar Coaches to provide whatever it takes to create the perfect RV adventure. – Rob Tischler, CEO


In addition to rentals, we offer RV rental consignment, sales, and a number of trip planning resources for your upcoming adventure. Contact us at 866-838-4465 for information, pricing and availability, or submit an online quote request.

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The professional staff at Allstar Coaches works hard to ensure that your rental experience is even better than you dreamed it could be. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us at 866-838-4465. We look forward to serving you!

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