Save Big on Your Next Vacation

Family vacations are expensive. Between airline tickets, hotel stays and food, a typical family will spend thousands for a week-long out-of-state adventure. But families who’ve discovered the RV life know there’s a better way to travel.

Do Spring Break in an RV Right with these Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Destinations

Take a Spring Break Road Trip. An RV vacation is a budget-friendly way to get the family out of the house and out on the road during your spring break. Because you’ll be traveling in your home away from home, you’ll save on the cost of airfare and hotel accommodations. And the RV’s kitchen gives you the freedom to cook your own food, which will save big money over restaurant meals.

Unbeatable Miami RV Destinations

The air may be thick in Miami, but the culture is even thicker. This area is known for its diverse attractions, restaurants and events. Plus, you’re never far away from all its beautiful beaches, which are perfect for lounging or people watching.