Do you own a luxury RV that you use only a few weeks out of the year? Do you know that your motorhome could be making you money during your down time? If we’ve piqued your interest, then keep reading about Allstar Coaches LLC’s Owner’s Rental Fleet Program.

What is RV consignment?

The RV Owner’s Rental Fleet Program through Allstar Coaches LLC is a way for you to rent out your RV privately. We have a broad clientele base and many luxury RV rental resources; being part of our Owner’s Fleet Program gives you access to these resources and more. We manage all the RV rentals, screen rental customers, and facilitate ongoing RV service while your motorhome is being used in the program.

How can I be sure my luxury RV will stay in good shape?

Allstar Coaches LLC carefully screens our RV rental customers, and we make sure they are properly trained in how to use and drive the motorhome rental before leaving our lot. Also, the rental customer signs an agreement to maintain the condition of the luxury RV. Therefore, the renter will be 100% responsible for any damages incurred—protecting you and your RV.

How much can I earn by renting my luxury motorhome?

The amount of income you earn from renting your luxury RV depends on how many weeks you make it available. Current participants in our Owner’s Fleet Program have seen their RVs used between 24-26 weeks over the course of the year. Income earned often helps offset or even cover the costs of owning your own luxury RV.

Additional Questions?

Interested in learning more about luxury RV consignment? Contact Allstar Coaches LLC toll-free at 866-838-4465 for more details. If you are upgrading your motorhome or no longer interested in maintaining it, you can also ask about how we can help you sell your RV.

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