Unless you’re one of the lucky few, your luxury RV likely sits unused in your driveway or in storage several weeks out of the year. Instead of paying to keep your RV in good order for vacation season, you can make your RV work for you through the RV Rental Fleet Program at Allstar Coaches LLC.

How Does RV Consignment Work?

As a premier luxury RV rental company, we also have the best private motorhome-rental program in the business! We have many contacts throughout the industry and many requests for RV rentals. The staff at Allstar Coaches can help connect you and your RV with rental customers who are willing to pay!

All you have to do is enroll in our program and be approved. You can begin that process online today! From there, Allstar Coaches LLC takes care of managing your RV rental, storing and maintaining it, collecting rental fees and deposits, and making sure you get paid.

Why Choose RV Consignment?

Allstar Coaches prides itself in providing a luxury RV rental experience, and our RV Rental Fleet Program is no different. Therefore, we will take pristine care of your RV and hold customers accountable to keeping it that way. We do the work, and you get paid. Many of our RV consignment participants find that our RV Rental Fleet Programs pays for actually owning the RV!


Contact Allstar Coaches LLC at 866-838-4465 to discover more about our RV Rental Fleet Program. We will gladly answer your questions and get you one step closer to seeing your RV pay you back in more than just great getaways.

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