interior of a luxury Allstar RV
Yes, this is the interior of an Allstar RV.

If you’re someone who loves the adventure that comes with RV-ing but wants to experience it in luxury, why not…RV in the Caribbean and then sail around in a privately chartered yacht?! We know, it’s crazy nobody’s thought of this before.

The Caribbean Jetsetter is the 1st Luxury RV Experience of Its Kind

Allstar Coaches is excited to bring you one of the more unique ways to explore the Caribbean in style! We’re unveiling the most luxurious travel package we’ve ever created: The Caribbean Jetsetter. If you’re interested in a detailed write-up of our new package, check out the coverage from our friends at Travel and Tourist. Here’s the rundown:

Allstar Coaches Luxury RV exterior
Your new ride.

If you’ve done the run-of-the-mill Caribbean cruise and are looking to explore in a whole new way, this is the package for you. Our Caribbean Jetsetter vacation will consist of two parts: a “land” section and a “sea” section. The land component involves (of course) an RV tour of the Caribbean like you’ve never experienced before. Clients will receive a custom itinerary with all of the planning and logistics already completed for them, such as selected destinations and menu planning. (Would you really expect anything less from us? You didn’t come to the Caribbean to…plan your own meals.) The sea component involves chartering a private yacht through one of our yachting partnerships, allowing you to explore the sea while guided by a private captain. Basically, this package gives you all the control and adventure that you’d want in a tropical vacation, while all of the hair-pulling and logistical planning is left to us. Yes, the Caribbean Jetsetter could be called “extra,” but in the best possible way.

If this vacation piques your interest, contact us to request a quote! Packages for this ultra-primo vacation begin at $50,000. 

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