If you are considering a RV rental and have been searching high and low for the perfect vehicle, the first thing you should be aware of is this: Who and where you are renting your RV from is equally or more important than the RV itself.

Vehicles can be arranged and reserved from any number of sources such as RV rental dealers, private owners, travel agencies, and through online booking engines.

Professional RV Rental Providers

There are many reasons why a professional RV rental dealer who manages and maintains their own fleet is the best source for rentals. When dealing direct, as opposed to through a third party, you are likely to get more accurate information with fewer errors or misrepresentations. Additionally, since rental companies have physical possession and control over their motorhomes, they are more familiar with the vehicles and can provide customers with the proper instruction and 24 hour support, should it become necessary. Good quality rental operators have access to nationwide mobile RV service networks which can be dispatched to any location with one call.

At Allstar Coaches LLC, we even take it a step further. In addition to offering award winning round-the-clock support, every motorhome rental is assigned a dedicated support technician and concierge, and provided a 24-hour on call mobile phone number. Hit the wrong switch and inadvertently shut down your motorhome at 2:00 AM? No worries. Allstar Coaches is right there to walk you through it.

Additionally, RV rental dealers have plenty of experience with RVing in general, so they can offer recommendations and assist with trip planning based on their customer’s preference and level of experience.

Renting an RV from a reputable dealer is important. Allstar Coaches is an established, accredited, A rated company with the BBB and an active member of RVIA, RVRA, ASTA, the Chamber of Commerce. We’re also the preferred RV rental vendor for American Express Centurion/ Black Card Services.

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Third Party Book Companies and Websites

Although RV rentals can be sourced through a number of different outlets (RV rental companies, private owners, travel agents, third party RV booking websites, etc.), it is best to avoid third parties altogether and only rent the vehicle directly from the operator.

Many online sites claim to be specialists or outlets may offer RV rentals, but they are NOT the actual rental companies or vendors who physically manage the rental fleets.

The potential hazards from using third party booking outlets to arrange an RV rental can range from misrepresentation to vehicle bait and switch. You may even arrive to pick up the vehicle only to learn that the RV dealer operator hasn’t even been paid for the rental. Another potential hazard is breaking down and getting stranded in your RV. Say you’ve embarked on your RV trip and now find yourself on the road needing service. Who are you going to call? Only professional RV rental dealers have the expertise and resources to provide roadside assistance or technical support necessary to get you back on the road quickly. TIP: It’s best to avoid third parties altogether, but if you have already booked your RV through an outside agency or online site, obtain the contact information for the RV owner or rental company and follow up with them directly to confirm you indeed have a reservation and that the provider has been paid by the booking company.

Private Motorhome Rentals

Sourcing your motorhome rental directly from a private owner has its benefits, but there are serious risks as well.

Although private rentals are generally well equipped and maintained, most owners do not have the resources or experience to properly administer motorhomes, troubleshoot mechanical issues, or instantly dispatch mobile service nationwide should it become necessary. Also, in the worst case scenario, private owners (unlike professional RV dealers) do not have a fleet of vehicles which can be substituted or swapped out in a case of total mechanical breakdown. TIP: If you are going to rent an RV from a private owner, before booking, ask them what happens if you show up and the RV is damaged or broken down, or if there is a mechanical issue while out on the road.

Location, Location, Location

That old saying also rings true when it comes to renting a motorhome. Who wants to travel out to the sticks to pick up or return a motorhome rental?

Professional companies who are reputable and established generally maintain commercially zoned, centrally located RV rental depots in high traffic areas. Not only is this convenient for customers, it also makes servicing and properly maintaining a fleet of motorhomes much easier and more cost effective because of the ability to do so on site. Small or startup RV rental outfits which are located in very rural areas, residential locations, or are off the beaten path can be huge red flags since they are located far from maintenance and service facilities. Think about it – if they have to take their vehicles an hour into town, burn a couple hours of fuel in doing so just to get an oil change, ask yourself – how often is that really getting done? TIP: Avoid RV rentals from very rural or residential sources altogether.


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