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RV Rentals Near Me TIP: If you are looking for a local RV rental, you should rent only from actual RV rental dealers. Beware of those peer-to-peer or RV “sharing” sites. While they may list a lot of different vehicles for rent, they don’t own or operate any. Only professional RV operators or dealers have the expertise and experience to handle any potential issue when you are out on the road.


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If you have searched online for RV Rentals Near Me or RV hire chances are you were probably interested in local RV rentals or entertaining the possibility of a local motorhome rental for your next vacation or event.  There are several types of recreational vehicles out there and sometimes choosing the ideal vehicle can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. Generally speaking, RV rental vehicles are classified by body type.  These may include Class C RVs, motorhomes, diesel pushers, travel trailers, fifth wheels and even custom luxury coaches.  With so many options available, there really is an RV rental perfect for everyone, no matter what your taste, budget or experience may be.   

When you searched for RV Rentals Near Me, you may have noticed that many –  if not most query results that came up were from those same pesky RV “sharing” or peer to peer type websites.  The main reason for this is that they have tons of money for advertising through paid and sponsored ads.  By bombarding search engines with relentless ad campaigns, these companies essentially bury quality listings from true RV rental operators that are out there.  Many of our current clients who didn’t know and couldn’t see past the ads when they first rented an RV, found their way here after getting stranded or having problems with their bookings on peer to peer sites. Consumers should take real notice and beware of these sites as they are simply online booking sites who neither own, maintain or operate recreational vehicles.  Most of their employees have never even set foot in an RV, and are hardly qualified to offer advice, make suggestions or solve problems. There have been many reports of customers making reservations and paying their deposits on these sites only to show up to find that the RV they rented is either in horrible shape, or worse – not there at all.  These peer-to-peer RV sites take their commissions upfront and when customers finally show up to pickup their RV rentals they find that they are completely are on their own. Most times you can’t even get them on the phone.  Forrest Gump said it best: “you never know what you’re gonna get”. 

Professional RV rental companies like Allstar Coaches are your best source to rent an RV because we are true RV operators.  We have actual physical locations with plenty of motorhomes on our lots that you can come and see and touch.   Allstar Coaches has the largest selection of Class A motorhomes for rent in the United States.  We DO NOT ever use stock photos so you can be assured that the vehicles you see online, these are the actual vehicles we rent.

Our coaches are all professionally maintained all with service logs and history.  Every vehicle is inspected and re-inspected again before and after each rental.  We employ professional cleaners so you’ll know that when you show up here to rent an RV, you can be assured your vehicle has been properly maintained and sanitized to the highest standard.  

And most importantly, when you are out there on the road traveling with your family you have that peace of mind and security knowing that only Allstar Coaches provides you with proper training and your own dedicated 24/7 support team.  Whether you have a flat tire or inadvertently hit a wrong switch, your personal assigned support concierge can quickly walk you through it or if necessary, immediately dispatch service to you – regardless of your location. 

Think a booking agent from that popular RV sharing site is going to provide you any real RV rental support?   Think Again.

So, while Forrest Gump may take their commissions upfront and hand you the keys to somebody’s RV and send you down the road, professional RV rental operators just don’t do that.   

With Allstar Coaches, what you see is what you get.  Clean and maintained.  Proper RV training and orientations.  24/7 award winning support and guidance of actualy RV experts who have real RV experience to help with selecting the right motorhome and planning your RV adventure.

We are not just handing you the keys and sending you down the road – We’re going with with you!

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