Election season can be a whirlwind of activity for candidates eager to catch voters’ attention, so make the most of your time by traveling in a luxury RV that promotes your political campaign. The talented team at Allstar Coaches LLC can design custom decals and wraps for your motorhome or one of our rentals, providing head-turning brand exposure on the open road. Get voters hyped with a billboard that’s mobile; contact us at 866-838-4465 to learn more about our RV wraps and other special services.

Eye-Catching Wrap Designs

From social media posts to television spots, politicians share their message through a wide variety of platforms. Marketing for political campaigns must include powerful imagery and memorable slogans shared directly to a target audience. A 40-foot motorhome driving down the highway is hard to miss, especially when those images and slogans are transformed into a visually striking design. Our RV wraps help both local and national political campaigns tell their stories.

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On-the-Go Political Marketing

RV wraps are not only a great for increasing interest in a campaign, but they can also help candidates make impactful entrances at events. Your recreational vehicle can be the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities with voters and public figures. The campaign team can also take a break and prepare for the next stop in a luxury RV.

Gain Voters’ Attention with an RV Wrap

The Allstar Approach

Just provide the artwork for your campaign, and we’ll do the rest. At Allstar, we handle everything from wrap design concepts to RV maintenance. If you need a professional driver or catering for your next event, we even offer convenient Black Label Concierge Service. We also provide exclusive specials for our RV rentals.

Keep your political campaign rolling even during the downtime between events with an RV wrap that is always on duty. Our custom graphics are an attention-getting way to spark public interest wherever you go. For more information, contact our staff at 866-838-4465 and get started with Allstar today.