The cost to attend a sporting event continues to rise and getting hotel rooms the weekend of a major sporting event is always a hassle. When you figure in the cost of airfare, hotel rooms, car rentals, etc., the price tag for your ticket can be astronomical. Renting a luxury RV can be a cost effective alternative, and, more importantly, add to your enjoyment of the weekend.

Rent an RV for Tailgating

Luxury doesn’t mean it’s out of your price range when you factor in all the other elements that you’d have to pay for. What luxury means is that you’ll travel to the game or race in style. And you’ll impress the other campers in the area when they compare your luxury vehicle to their worn out recreational vehicle. After all, our rental units come with all the amenities of home, and one even includes a home theater system.

Skip the Hotel – Rent an RV Instead

Many hotels raise their rates dramatically the weekend of a major sporting event. Even with the inflated prices, it can be hard to get rooms unless you’ve book them well in advance. And how much fun is it to sit around the hotel room with the rest of the people in your group? Why not spend the time with fellow NASCAR or football fans at an RV park? And because our luxury RVs have so many televisions, you can still watch the other sporting events you might be interested in.

Tailgating doesn’t have to end when you leave the stadium. It can continue when you pull into the campground. Chances are, most of the other RVs in the park are there for the same event. Instead of spending the night in your hotel room or overpaying for drinks in a bar, you can fire up the grill, pop open the cooler and talk sports with your friends and some new friends.

At AllStar Coaches LLC we cater to the sporting fan. We even offer special offers for many NASCAR events and even the Super Bowl – the ultimate tailgating event. Contact us at 866-838-4465 to learn more or request a quote today.

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