Why rent a luxury recreational vehicle? With a luxury RV you get the best of both worlds: all the comforts of home combined with the ability to take in scenery outside. The problem with traveling is that most vacations are about traveling from place to place, with the final destination being a hotel room. You have to carry your luggage to your room, then pack it up when it’s time to go. When you rent a luxury RV from Allstar Coaches LLC, you can transform it into your own living space. Take in the sights during the day at your own pace. Then at night, relax and enjoy a movie on a flat screen TV. You can do your laundry or sit under an awning outside, taking in the fresh air.

For a family, there is no better way to travel. Experience the beauty outside, whether it’s a national monument or some rare form of wildlife. You’ll end up with memories no one will ever forget.

For a large group, an RV is a great way to bond together. NASCAR fans, football fans, and other sports fans rent our RVs to attend their favorite sporting events. We even offer special rates for NASCAR events and the Super Bowl. Contact us at to learn more or request a quote online.

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