rv rentals for emergency operations

Allstar Coaches is the nations largest provider of RV rentals for emergency operations.  We have assisted FEMA, American Red Cross, power companies and dozens of insurance providers to provide disaster resources and support. RV rental units are available for use as mobile command centers for emergency operations. In addition, RV rentals serve as temporary housing and onsite support for disaster relief personnel and emergency response teams.

In addition to providing RV rental services for disaster relief and temporary housing, we offer priority delivery and setup. Also, 24/7 service and support, satellite TV services and RV provisioning/catering  

Allstar Coaches is standing by and ready on a moment’s notice and has the ability to ability to dispatch and deliver our RV rental units to affected areas.  Contact Us if you require emergency services. 


RV for temporary housing
Photo by Greg Henshall / FEMA.


RV Rentals Disaster Relief

You can rest assured that Allstar Coaches is ready to serve our communities and is ready to  move on moments notice.  After the storm has passed and it deemed safe to move about, Allstar Coaches can begin deploying our personnel and equipment.  We can deliver and setup RV rental units to affected areas quickly, safely and  efficiently.   RV rental units are ideal for temporary housing, mobile offices and emergency response command centers.  Our motorhomes provide comfortable accommodations, full kitchens and ample office space for hard working emergency response personnel. RVs provide emergency responders a comfortable and functional living space so that service personnel can remain adequately rested and alert during rescue and recovery operations.


Hurricane Harvey Update


disaster resources rv rental temp housingThose effected by the storm should carefully heed all warnings and follow instructions from FEMA, all local state and federal officials on how to proceed. Extreme flooding, flash floods and downed power lines may cause life threatening injuries and loss of life.  Please use extreme caution in disaster areas.

Allstar Coaches has RV rental units ready and  standing by for immediate deployment into affected areas.  Contact us if you require RV rentals for temporary housing, mobile command centers or emergency response support. 

We have also set up dedicated hotlines for Emergency Response Crews, FEMA, Utility providers and Red Cross Disaster Services.  EOPS HOTLINES:  (954) 552-2366   (954) 235-0802   (954) 530-0884

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