rv rentals for emergency operationsAllstar Coaches is the nations largest provider of RV rentals disaster relief and for emergency operations.  We have assisted FEMA, American Red Cross, power companies and dozens of insurance providers to provide disaster resources and support. RV rental units are available for use as mobile command centers for emergency operations. In addition, RV rentals serve as temporary housing and onsite support for disaster relief personnel and emergency response teams.

In addition to providing RV rental services for disaster relief and temporary housing, we offer priority delivery and setup. Also, 24/7 service and support, satellite TV services and RV provisioning/catering  

Allstar Coaches is standing by and ready on a moment’s notice with the ability to mobilize Storm Response RV rental units to affected areas.  Contact Us if you require emergency services. 


RV for temporary housing
Photo by Greg Henshall / FEMA.



RV Rentals for Disaster Relief

You can rest assured that Allstar Coaches is ready to serve our communities and is ready to  move on moments notice.  After the storm has passed and it deemed safe to move about, Allstar Coaches can begin deploying our personnel and equipment.  We can deliver and setup RV rental units to affected areas quickly, safely and  efficiently.   RV rental units are ideal for temporary housing, mobile offices and emergency response command centers.  Our motorhomes provide comfortable accommodations, full kitchens and ample office space for hard working emergency response personnel. RVs provide emergency responders a comfortable and functional living space so that service personnel can remain adequately rested and alert during rescue and recovery operations.




Residents and businesses throughout the State of Florida  and into Georgia should prepare  for a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian, forecast to be an extremely dangerous Category 3 storm with sustained winds upwards of 115MPH+ and gusts to over 145MPH.  A storm of this magnitude has not hit the mainland portion of the State since Hurricane Irma in 2017, and experts warn catastrophic damages are possible on the coast and well inland.  Storm surge of 10 feet or more may be expected before a land falling Cat 3 hurricane..  Residents should immediately prepare for arrival taking all precautions to save life and property.  Widespread power outages can last 2-3 weeks or more in some areas and rising water may impede efforts to safely restore utilities.  Everyone please heed the warnings of officials and do not venture into affected areas until the all clear is given. 


Our fleet of RV rental and Storm Response vehicles are completely self contained and require no external hookups or shore power. 


Rental units can accommodate and sleep up to 8 persons. Generally, vehicles are equipped with multiple slide-outs, on-board generators, hot showers, full kitchens, automatic awnings and satellite television with DirecTV service.  Full cooking and linen kits installed. Select units are also equipped with washer/dryers.

Allstar Coaches has activated our Emergency Response Teams and have RV rental units ready and standing by in in the Northeast as well as in Florida and the Southeast Region ready for immediate mobilization. Due to overwhelming demand additional inventory has already been dispatched from Texas and the West Coast.  Contact us if you require RV rentals for temporary housing, mobile command centers or emergency response support. We specialize in RV rentals for storm response and disaster relief operations.

Dedicated hotlines are now activated for Emergency Responders, Medical Providers, FEMA, Utility Providers and Red Cross Disaster Services: 

EOPS HOTLINES ACTIVATED:  (954) 552-2366   (954) 235-0802   (954) 530-0884




Hurricane Dorian is currently making landfall in the U.S Virgin Islands.  ALL PERSONS LOCATED IN IMPACT ZONE SHOULD IMMEDIATELY TAKE SHELTER TO PREVENT LOSS OF LIFE.

Once the storm makes landfall in the U.S mainland Allstar Coaches has RV rental units ready and standing by in Florida, Georgia and up the Eastern Seaboard which are ready for immediate deployment should the need arise.  Contact us if you require RV rentals for utility restoration team deployment, temporary housing, mobile command centers or emergency response support. We specialized in RV rentals for disaster relief.


Responders should contact our dedicated hotlines for Emergency Response Crews, FEMA, Utility providers and Red Cross Disaster Services.   EOPS HOTLINES:  (954) 552-2366   (954) 235-0802   (954) 205-6228


Disaster Resources – RV Rentals Temporary Housing

EOPS - Emergency Operations Service Request

To request information on our RV rental units for Emergency Operations or Storm Response, please fill out the EOPS Request below. Alternatively, for immediate assistance, you can call our (EOPS) HOTLINES at (954) 552-2366 | (954) 235-0802 or (954) 530-0884