Allstar Coaches Owner’s Rental Fleet Program is the nation’s most successful private motorhome rental program. Whether you currently own an RV or you’re planning to buy one, you can derive substantial income from it. Contact us at 866-838-4465 today to obtain more details about enrolling, and start getting paid to be a responsible owner.

Our program is tightly managed and dedicated to maintaining all luxury RV rental units in impeccable condition, inside and out.

Rental Fleet Program Brochure

What are the Revenue Benefits?

Whether the costs of ownership have become burdensome, you simply don’t use your motorhome enough to justify owning it, or you have upgraded your coach but have not sold your previous RV, Allstar’s fleet program may be the answer.

Our motorhomes are truly five star mobile suites which can go pretty much anywhere you can. Each RV generates its own electricity and can carry enough water, fuel, and propane to support a family of six for almost five days without refilling or refueling. Try that in a tent.

Active units enrolled in our rental fleet program generally receive 24-26 weeks of rentals, generating enough revenue to offset, or in many cases to completely cover the costs of ownership.

What are the Tax Benefits?

In addition to earning income and offsetting the costs of RV ownership, you may qualify for substantial tax benefits including depreciation, claiming business expenses, and even accelerated depreciation.

Depreciation – Most owners use a 5 year depreciation schedule for income tax purposes. You can take 52% during the first 2 years alone.

Expenses – You’ll be able to deduct insurance premiums, maintenance costs, any upgrades you might want on your motor home, plus a vacation each year. These now all become business expenses.

Section 179 Deduction – Each year the government allows a capital investment purchase that can use an accelerated depreciation schedule for that investment. In 2010, the allowance was $35,000 (For more information, see Publication 946 from the Internal Revenue Service IRS). Click Here.

*We do recommend that you consult with your own tax adviser who can explain how to properly set things up to give you the maximum benefit.

How do I Enroll?

Enrollment in the Allstar Coaches fleet program is surprisingly easy! Owners just supply the RV and we take care of the rest. We have the clientele, the experience, and the most stringent screening process in the industry. Allstar will manage the unit, collect the rental fees and deposits, and generate an itemized statement and commission check each month. Call 866-838-4465 or enroll below.

Frequently Asked Consignment Questions

This is the single biggest concern of RV owners. The long and the short of it is the renter is responsible for just about everything. The only exceptions are the normal wear and maintenance items (tires generator service etc…).

Screening – Each renter is screened extensively. We obtain and verify addresses, employment, phone numbers, fax numbers, driver’s license information, auto insurance binders, and any other information that seems pertinent to the background of each renter.

Training – Every approved renter is given extensive training on the coach and must sign an itemized orientation and safety checklist before the rental goes out. This keeps the renter from coming back later and saying the reason something broke or got damaged because we didn’t tell them how to operate it.

Policies – In addition, each renter is required to read and sign a copy of our Policies & Procedures. The terms and conditions were written to protect the coaches, owners, and Allstar Coaches should any problems should arise. The policies clearly spell out what the renter’s responsibilities are and define any penalties which are assessed should they not be adhered to.

Condition – Every coach is immaculately cleaned, full of fuel and water and thoroughly inspected before it leaves with a renter. We take photographs and do a DVD video of every check-out just before it goes out, so there is no question of its condition. The renter signs that the RV is in good condition and agrees to return it in the same condition, full of fuel and clean. If they don’t, we clean it and/or fuel it and charge the renter.

Anytime! When you know you want to use the coach, call us and we’ll reserve it for you as though you were any other renter. If it’s booked we’ll let you know and give you the option to keep the rental or move the booking to another unit (whenever possible and available).

When you pick up your coach, it will be perfectly clean and full of fuel, water and propane. We’ll start the refrigerator and water heater for you and check the appliances, generator, etc. All we ask is that you return it in the same condition – full of fuel, propane and cleaned with all holding tanks emptied so that it’s ready to go out on the next rental.

In most cases, our maintenance procedures are far stricter than even the manufacturers’. When a luxury RV enters our fleet, we fill out a vehicle information screen in our computer. One of the questions it asks is how often to perform maintenance on this vehicle. We also are required to enter the mileage when we receive the coach and the computer keeps track of how many miles are put on it. Each time a renter picks up the unit, we record the actual mileage and the generator hours (Hobbs).

After the RV is returned, we again record the mileage and generator hours. When the service reminder triggers, the computer indicates to our fleet manager that it’s time to schedule an oil service and check fluids, tires and all on board systems. When someone is paying $3-5000+ per week to lease an RV it is imperative that is in perfect mechanical condition and dealership clean.

NO! WE HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR SMOKING in our coaches. Every motorhome is tested for smoking before and after every rental. If any evidence is found, the renter is charged a $1000 cleaning and deodorizing fee (no exceptions), and must pay for any damage caused by smoking. We know this seems excessive; however it is purposely that high to deter even the most stubborn renter. If a coach smells of smoke it would be much more difficult, if not impossible, to rent.

ONLY the renter and persons designated at the time the reservation is taken can drive a coach. Each designated driver must be at least 25 years of age and will be required to give their full name, address, social security number, and a valid driver’s license with expiration date. The renter understands that they’re the responsible party and will be charged for any damage or repairs due to negligence caused by them or any other designated drivers.

The answer is YES! A very good percentage of our customers are folks in the market and looking to purchase a motorhome, however they want to “test the waters” and rent an RV before making such a large investment. On select rental units that are listed for sale, we’ve developed an incentive program where we offer potential buyers the opportunity to rent an RV and apply their rental costs to the purchase of that specific motorhome. It’s like giving potential buyers an extended test drive and a chance to “fall in love” with the RVing lifestyle. And, regardless of the outcome you win. Either you’ve sold the motorhome, or you’ve earned revenue through the rental.

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