A Better Way to Vacation

Family vacations are expensive. Between airline tickets, hotel stays and food, a typical family will spend thousands for a week-long out-of-state adventure. But families who’ve discovered the RV life know there’s a better way to travel.

RV vs. Air Travel

Owning an RV just isn’t doable for every family. However RV rental firms, like Allstar Coaches, make renting luxury motorhomes a breeze. But is this style of vacationing really less expensive than air travel? We crunched the numbers to find out. 

Breaking it Down

Based on quotes taken from Travelocity, Hertz, Hilton and Trip Advisor, a vacation for six from New York to Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando could cost nearly $9,000 for transportation, food and lodging. That’s before park admission, souvenirs and other miscellaneous costs. 

Transportation and Lodging Combined!

When vacationing by RV, your transportation and lodging costs are included in your rental fee. And because your luxury motorhome features a fully-functioning kitchen, you’ll save even more money by preparing your own meals.

RV Travel is the Clear Winner

Even with the added costs of fuel and campsite rental fees, traveling in a luxury motorhome is far less expensive than air travel. Plus, you’ll enjoy hours of added family bonding time as your crew travels the open road on the way to and from your vacation destination. And really, isn’t that what family vacations are meant for?


To learn more about renting a luxury motorhome for your next family vacation, contact Allstar coaches today at (866) 838-4465. You can also search our fleet of RVs online and request a quote for your trip-of-a-lifetime.

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