Getting your message across can be difficult. With Allstar Coaches LLC and our dedicated Corporate Events staff, that message doesn’t have to be yelled from the peak of a mountain to make an impact. Instead, invest some money in mobile advertising — rather, invest in your own brand by decorating an RV with graphics. From corporate logos to elegant graphics to whimsical fonts, RV decals and wraps will enhance your message for the entire world to see. Contact our staff at 866-838-4465 to receive more information about promotional RV rentals and our other services.

RV Wraps – From Concept to Completion

The most exceptional and economic way to promote your brand or business is an RV wrap, especially if interaction with constituents and a core audience is a top priority. When working with Allstar Coaches, you can expect a highly conceptualized design for your motorhome — one that will cater to you and the target demographic. Nothing beats mobile publicity.

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Whether you need to drive your point across straight to your demographic or are taking a cross-country trek from Florida to California to publicize a movie or political campaign, let our RV wraps help spread your message. Work with our graphic department and staff to build the perfect mobile billboard.

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Creating impactful motorhome graphics is one thing; helping plan each and every mile on a trip is a whole other beast. With our event planners on hand, scheduling doesn’t need to be a tough task. We are here to help with the logistics of any trip, and that includes route planning, itinerary setting, and food catering. When every dollar, mile, and shrimp kebab needs to be accounted for, put your trust in the best: us.

Buy the Best RV Wraps

Don’t own an RV? No problem. That’s where our promotional RV rentals come in. Allstar Coaches is proud to offer customers the option to rent a luxury RV and wrap it for any special occasion or event. We have frequent specials on rentals in combination with personalized RV graphics. Personalize the motorhome’s look as you see fit, and save money on purchasing an RV for that one-time situation, such as a weekend festival or sporting event.

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At Allstar Coaches, we don’t overlook the tiny details, and that sets us apart from the rest. We work diligently for every customer, no matter the cause, and you can expect only the finest from us. In addition to excellent motorhome decals and graphics, we also offer RV maintenance, an RV Rental Fleet Program, RV sales, and other specialty services and resources. Call us at 866-838-4465 to discuss your RV wrap needs, or to reserve a luxury RV rental for a vacation anywhere in the country, including PA, FL, and CA.