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Discover The Many Ways To Use Your RV Rental!

Besides being the perfect vehicle for cross-country vacations, RV rentals also provide an array of travel solutions for business and pleasure!

Allstar Coaches not only offers you the most luxurious RV rentals in the industry, we’re also experts at suggesting other ways you can utilize an RV.

Discover some of these wonderful ways below!

If you’re in the film or television industry, then a luxury RV is the perfect production vehicle! In addition to housing directors, producers, stars and crew members, rental RVs are ideal for location scouting, dressing and green room needs, and can even serve as a portable production or post-production facility.

When you’re scheduling a cross-country tour for your political campaign, special event, or live show productions of a live show, an RV rental is a wise choice for your needs. We can even wrap your RV rental in customized graphics and decals to help spread your message!

Why are so many folks choosing RV rentals over their own vehicles for road trips?

Unlike cramped and confining everyday vehicles, RVs offer plenty of space and comfort so you can fully enjoy your road trip. It’s like having your own private hotel on wheels.

Planning a major renovation or building a new home?

Rather than experiencing the inconvenience of moving-in with relatives or incurring the costs of staying at a hotel, you can rely on a luxury RV as temporary housing during the construction time. Plus, you can stay close to the action at home to ensure everything is going as planned.

On the other side of the coin, if you don’t have enough space to house everyone during the holidays or a special occasion, let an RV solve your problems! With an RV rental, you can supply your guests with their own living and sleeping quarters, while offering them convenient access to your home for family gatherings!

Want to enjoy your favorite team’s next away game – but don’t want to rack up the extra expenses of airfare and hotels?

Rent an RV for tailgating to take a more affordable and comfortable trek to cheer them on!

Best of all, there’s plenty of room for all your supplies and you can cook your own burgers, dogs and brats in the spacious kitchen!

Preparing for a long move – but fearing the logistics and expense of it all?

Eliminate those issues with an RV rental!

Renting an RV for a cross-country move not only brings a sense of family unity during your travels, it also makes it feel like a vacation.

Whether you’re moving from Florida to Pennsylvania or from the East Coast to the West Coast, we offer one-way rentals for your journey!

Plus, we offer delivery and pickup service to the entire country, including Pennsylvania, Florida, and California.

Make your next business trip more accommodating and comfortable by transforming a luxury RV into your own mobile office and hotel suite.

Set up the laptop, paperwork and printer on the dinette and you’re ready to tackle your workday.

Then, relax in the living area after a long day and get a good night’s rest in the comfort of your own bed.

Want to visit your kids at their out-of-state university?

Make the trip more comfortable and accommodating by renting your own hotel suite on wheels!

Helpful Hint: Review and book a site at a popular RV park or resort before you set off on your trip!

Put a unique spin on your honeymoon plans by renting an RV for an extended trip!

Make your trip easier by preparing your itinerary in advance with help from our trip-planning experts.

Need An RV For Work, Play Or Whatever?

Of course, the list above isn’t all-inclusive. If you’d like to plan your own trip for any reason at all or have any other questions, simply contact our agents at 866-838-4465.