An RV may be the perfect vehicle for those cross-country family vacations, but they also serve many others in much different circumstances just as well. Allstar Coaches LLC is here not only to offer the most luxurious RV rentals in the industry, but also to provide suggestions on ways you can utilize an RV. Take a look at some ideas below, and feel free to contact us at 866-838-4465 to learn more about our rentals, services, resources, and sales.

Those in the film industry have used our luxury RVs as production vehicles for staff, directors, and stars, as well as location scouting and post-production shooting. If you need a hotel-like place to rest between shoots or anytime during a filming, rent a luxury RV from Allstar Coaches.

Touring for Special Events, Campaigns, and Shows – If you’re scheduling a cross-country tour for your political campaign, special event, a production of a live show, let us help. We even wrap RVs in personalized graphics and decals to help spread any message, if necessary.

The old standby for road trips: the RV. For good reason, RVs are the vehicle of choice for family trips because they offer space and comfort not often available during vacations. Bring the family out and visit the Florida beaches, the California landmarks, or any other popular destination with one of our hotel on wheels.

Temporary Housing – If you’re planning a build or renovation of a home, look into a luxury RV as temporary housing during the construction time. Stay close to the action at home to ensure everything is up to par.

On the other side of the coin, if you just don’t have enough space to house everyone during the holidays, renting an RV that can give them access to the home for family togetherness, but separate them in their own living and sleeping quarters.

Your favorite sport team having an away game you’re just dying to catch live? Rent an RV and take that trek to cheer them on. Remember to bring the cooler and supplies!

If you’re preparing for a long move and fearing the logistics of it all, let us eliminate those qualms. Renting an RV for a cross-country move brings a sense of family unity while also acting as a vacation. Whether you’re moving from Florida to Pennsylvania or California, we offer one-way rentals for this (and many other) reasons.

Get to work on a business trip by turning a portion of the luxury RV into a mobile office. Set up the laptop, phone, and papers on the dinette, and get ahead of the game. Then relax in the comfortable bedding after a long day.

If you’re visiting the kids at an out-of-state university, make the trip invigorating by renting a hotel on wheels. Review and book a site at a popular RV parks and resort before you set off to ensure you have a place to stay that won’t be the source of your child’s embarrassment.

Take a different approach to the idea of the honeymoon by renting an RV for an extended trip. Plan your itinerary in advance with help from our trip planning committee, and make sure to bring the camera to share the moments with family on your return.

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Of course, the list above isn’t all-inclusive. If you’d like to plan your own trip for any reason at all or have any other questions, simply contact our agents at 866-838-4465. We offer delivery and pickup service to the entire country, including Pennsylvania, Florida, and California.